Hand in Hand – for our patients

Your health is in trustworthy hands.

Upon entry into my office, you can expect a thorough understanding for your complaints and for your individual needs. We at Breast&Health treat you as a woman - not just as a patient. In our office you will not only receive a personalized treatment but also emotional support before, during and after the treatment process. I take great care to allow for enough time in order to consider your questions and needs during counseling visits. Only by doing so, a deep basis of understanding between patient and treating physician can be founded - as a first step to the an proactive health awareness.

Your health is in professional hands.

The treatment of women with breast cancer has greatly changed over the last years, and it has become considerably less aggressive. In order to be up-to-date with current medical knowledge, and to offer state-of-the-art treatment, I regularly visit international conferences and conduct clinical trials in the field of breast cancer. As a Full Professor at the Medical University of Vienna, I not only have access to the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options, but also personally know world-class experts in the field of women´s health, and benefit from a continuous scientific exchanges.

Your health is in experienced hands.

As had of the Center for Breast Health at Medical University of Vienna, I see and treat women with breast cancer and gynecological cancers every day. With more than 20 years of experience I reliably treat and care for women during their course of treatment. As experienced in internationally renowned breast surgeon and expert in gynecological malignancies, I know the most advanced therapeutic options and offer them in an individualized and customized fashion. By doing so, I not only offer surgeries which remove a malignant breast cancer, but also offer the necessary aesthetic-reconstructive techniques for breast reconstruction if necessary.

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