is my strength

You and your health are in the focus of my professional work at Breast&Health. After having worked as a gynecologist for more than 20 years, I know that empathy and good communication skills are just as important as modern medical technology and high treatment standards. It is therefore of key importane to have enough time in order to address all your medical questions and personal needs. Only the consideration of both needs provides the foundation of a successful physician-patient interaction which is the requirement for an active management of your health.

To me, trust and empahty are important values - both in my professional and private setting. I am married, and proud father of a son. In my spare time, I am interested in modern art, sailing, and spend time with my family.

Prof. Singer

Surgery is my expertise

Surgery is a key element of breast cancer treatment. In the past, this almost inevitably resulted in the loss of an affected breast. However, over the last decades, surgical techniques have changed dramatically and today we can preserve the breast in more than 75% of cases. As part of my medical training in breast cancer centers worldwide, I have been able to accumulate a wealth of expertise in different surgical techniques

As one of the first breast surgeons in Austria, I have performed oncoplastic surgeries, and have continuously improved my techniques over the years. Oncoplastic surgery combines strategies of conventional cancer surgery with those of aesthetic-reconstructive surgery, in order to achieve both, oncological safety, and an excellent cosmetic outcome. If, however, because of tumor extent or localization, breast conserving surgery is not feasible, I also offer breast reconstruction.

Medicine is my science

As a Full Professor for Clinical-translational Gynecological Oncology, as head of the Center of Breast Health at Medical University of Vienna, and as head of the Center for Familial Breast- and Ovarian Cancer, I have a vast experience in pre-clinical and clinical research in the field of breast cancer. Over the years, I have published numerous scientific contributions and book chapters in international peer-reviewed journals. I have been invited to present at scientific meetings and conferences worldwide. My scientific contributions to breast cancer treatment have been awarded with several national and international prices. Having been trained in several hospitals in Austria, Germany, Belgium and the United States, I have been able to gain experience in a variety of surgical techniques and therapeutic strategies.

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